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POGO: How to cheat and become a jacker in Spades

In this post I am going to give you a few pointers as to how to become a jacker in the crazy world of Pogo Spades. This 4 multi-player game is a fierce underground battle for dominance of who can be the best at taking over someone’s game. Pogo Spades uses a rank system to make it a bit more competitive. There are many players there to just play fair and build there mini(avatar) the legitimate way. However, there are many out there that use many ways to cheat, and when they cheat you, its not fun. Today I am going to give out the basic principals of jacking someone’s table. We can get into more technical details in another post.

Step 1: Get multiple web browsers

Most jackers have at least 4 browsers. There are 4 seats at a table so you need to be able to control the whole table by having 4 browsers all signed in with 4 different names of yours to sit in all the seats. Some jackers like myself have upwards of 12 browsers. Some are better than others. I would recommend Opera, Chrome, FireFox, Sea Monkey, Rock Melt to start. Get at least 4 downloaded to begin with.

Step 2: Make some screen names

Once you have downloaded all your web browsers, now you need names to sign into each browser with. Pogo gives out free passes with every clubbed screen name you have. Send some free passes to your email to create some new screen names with. Once you have all the free passes in your email go ahead and start creating names. Sometimes Badge Hungry gives out free passes you just need to check with them periodically.

Here is the link to badge hungry:

Also, if you want to dress up your mini(avatar) you will need some tokens.

Here is a link for free tokens:

Step 3: Sign into all browsers

Next you will need to open all 4 browsers and sign into each one with a different screen name. Once you have signed on to each browser now you are ready to take all 4 names into a room. Pick a blue room to start out with since all we are doing is learning here.  Load all 4 names or nics(as most people call them) into a room. Now this is the part that you will need to get used to. Move the four screens around so you can see all 4 browsers at once inside the room.  Most jackers use a backdoor or sneekin to get into rooms because you can get into the room even if it’s full.

Here is a link to sneekin for Spades:

Step 4: Set a table

The next step you want to do is set a table. Create a table to play one with one name, then sit one of your other names across from you to be your partner. So basically this is called “double browsing”. You are on 1 table with 2 names. You are acting like you are playing with a partner but in reality you are both players.

Step 5: Freezing a seat

Now that you already have 2 out of the 4 seats on the table, you will need to freeze one of the other players seats to gain control of the table. In spades you can boot people from the table if they play too slow, or just piss you off, or for whatever reason. To boot someone, you click on their name and give a reason to boot them out and then hit the “OK” button. Once you hit okay, the boot will go around the table for everyone else to vote whether they want to boot that person off the table or not. Now, there is also a timer set for most games. This is where we learn to freeze. Freezing someones seats is all about manipulating the clock. Ok so here is the basic freeze. During game play while timer is running, right click on your partners name and get ready to send a boot for your partner to get booted out the game. The reason you do this is because the vote will go to the seat to your left next to vote on the boot. If you send or hit the “OK” button with 1-2 seconds left on the clock and then play one of your cards really fast, it will freeze the person to your left. The person in the seat to your left will be frozen and will have to leave the table and try to get back in their seat before you grab it. You are going to try to grab their seat with one of your other names you have waiting in the lobby. Once they jump off table, BAM! Grab their seat! Now you have 3 names on the table and you can boot out the other person because you have majority vote on the boot. Now play the rest of the game out to your favor 🙂

This post is meant to level the playing field out some in POGO Spades. Now maybe there will be new jackers to rise up, and new people to contend with! Feel free to ask me any questions as I can go into more detail! Happy Gaming!