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Penis Size: Big vs Small

Today I am going to discuss my view of penis size and the age old question of “does size really matter?”. I mean there are millions of penis enlarging pills and tools out there to make yours bigger so there must be a reason men want it bigger right? The penis enlargement business is a billion dollar industry and not because its just the new hip thing to do. ALL men want a big penis. Period. But, for some of us, we were not blessed with a Ron Jeremy size penis. Most of us have the normal average size dick. The average size on most websites I have found comes out to be around 5.5 inches. The ultimate questions is this, “Can I satisfy with my average penis?”.

Growing up, I would always check out my dads penis when we went to the bathroom and would wonder why his was always so much bigger than mine. Even now when I go to a public restroom, if young boys come in to use the urinals, they will always look at your dick instead of paying attention to their own pissing all over the floor. Even some grown men do this, just cause they are curious as to how they size up.

As for me, penis size does not matter when it comes to making a woman have an orgasm. It’s all in how you work the womans anatomy. A woman has a clitoris which stimulates the orgasm. The vaginal cavity that you are thrusting your 4 inch penis  into has nothing to do with whether the woman has an orgasm or not. I’m not saying that there is no absolute pleasure from having ones dick inside the vaginal cavity, but what I am saying is that you don’t have to be Mr. Monster Cock to make your woman happy.

I am giving these tips away for free so make sure your taking mental notes!

Tip #1 Foreplay!

Don’t think just cause I am saying that your tiny weeny can now be a useful tool that you need to run home whip it out and start pounding your wife. That’s not going to work out for you. Draw her a hot bubble bath and light candles all over the bedroom. When she gets out, kiss her. Kissing is probably the most erotic thing you can do to a woman. After she starts getting wet from kissing, move onto rubbing her clitoris and teasing it with your tongue. A great fore play session before sex can get you a long way!

Tip #2 Positional Play

I know you just want to turn her around and start humping her rear end like a rock porn star, but this position is not the best for making your woman happy. Try laying her flat on her back and pulling her knees up to her chest. Slide that pencil in there and get you some KY jelly for her clitoris. You have to keep her clitoris stimulated, eventually she is going to cum while you are having sex. You can try all sorts of positions but you have to be able to reach her clitoris with your hands, or hell even a vibrator for that matter. I prefer my hands because I don’t ever want the woman to be please by anything but me. Just my flavor.

Remember, Its not about how hard or long your penis is. Any penis size can make a woman cum if you know what your doing. Find out just the right touch for her clit, the touch that makes her move around and squirm for you to keep going. You can tell a lot by body language! Happy Sex!