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Get off the nip already kid!


You know who you are. Your that mom that cant get your stubborn little kid of the nip huh? You must be single or something. Cause if I was your man, them breasts would be coming back home to Papa and not go m.i.a. on my ass for 8 years. Here in this article I am going to give you some useful tips on getting that leach sucking kid off your worn out nipples.

Tip #1 WEAN!!

You have to wean these crack babies off that nipple ladies! Why do you think us men go straight for the breasts during any sort of fore play? We always come back home to the nip 🙂 Start with cutting out the first morning session, this session is the most loved. Keep adding taking out a session as you go.


You can always rub some good ole hot Wasabi on those nipples right before a session if the brat is still wanting the nip after you tried the weaning part. If you start to feel a nice tingling sensation from the Wasabi, don’t worry, just bring that nipple over to the desiring wet lips of your husband and he will make it all better 😉


When that toddler starts to cry and throw a temper tantrum, take those big breasts out and bend them over and smack those things good across them. Show them that you are serious about getting their eyes off the prize. Heck, it wouldn’t bother me if you slapped them around in the face a little with them. Use those tools the good Lord gave you like a ruler across ones hand! Lay the smack down momma! 🙂

Hope I could at least make you smile!